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I have very little to no pain on my left ear but all the pain has gone to my right ear. wtf.

A girl can dream.
Anonymous: Are you still going to " wear your baby" at age 2/3? Not being rude, just asking what age you stop doing that. My toddler always wants me to hold em' and even with doing chores


Yes! I will wear her as long as we both want to and as long as it’s physically possible.

Wearing my almost 4 year old nephew!

#Shamu #SeaWorldSanDiego #IrisSophia 🐋

I’ve been on antibiotics for this stupid ear infection for five days now. No improvement. It’s only gotten worse. The pain spread to my jaw and throat and now to my right ear as well. Looks like I’ll be going back to the ER in a couple hours. God I just want this to go away and I know flying on Tuesday will only make it worse.

26. July 2014

And not just a teary cry but a full on ugly cry.

My ear infection is so bad that my jaw and throat also hurt really bad. I can barely eat anything because chewing hurts. Even just touching my ear a little bit hurts. Iris just rammed her head into my ear SO hard. I could hear before but it was muffled. Now I can’t hear out of that ear at all.

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while now since we’ve been in San Diego for quite some time now.

Brace yourselves, it’ll be lengthy.

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Maybe starting a Baby #2 board on Pinterest was a bad idea. I just did it for future reference as we’re not even talking about baby #2  until we move back to San Diego. But I’m having SERIOUS baby fever and this isn’t helping.

I bought Iris a cute vest that I’d like to add studs to. Where can I find studs and how the hell do you put them on a vest?

I’ve already missed two weeks of PLL & BGC. Not happy about that.

chefsara we fly home Tuesday.