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Mom. Wife. Beauty. PNW.

Hahaha her first tiny braid.

I hate my husband working mids. It’s 6pm and he’s still sleeping.

22. August 2014

If I’m picking something up from you and ask if a certain time works for you the next day, don’t fucking ignore me. If I ask AGAIN a few hours before said time if that’s okay with you, don’t fucking ignore me again! It told me you read my message. Fucking rude.

There’s always those milsos that think they’re too good to respond to you.

Okay, gurl. Sorry I don’t do all those American flag Pinterest projects or do photoshoots with an American flag. No need to be rude and act like your shit don’t stink. You got fucked up brows anyway.

Definitely will have to stock up on super warm pajamas for fall/winter since Miss Iris refuses to be under the blankets while she sleeps.

Oh, the joys of having a little girl just as into makeup as you are. 😔😔😔😔😔 #inglot #momlife #youknowyouhaveatoddlerwhen…

withlove-mamabear same. Haha but I love the girl one! I really hope the baby store here gets it but even then, she’ll probably try to sell them for $45 just like Chaplin. Bitch.

withlove-mamabear yeah me neither. But I saw Marie on IG and it’s cute!

How does bumgenius have not one but two new prints already? Chaplin JUST came out.