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I'm Lorena, a 23 year old stay at home mother to my little girl, Iris Sophia. I'm married to her wonderful father, Ricky who serves in the United States Navy. We're from San Diego, California and currently stationed at NAS Whidbey Island. I blog about my life as a mother, a military family, and my interests which include hair, makeup, nails, and John Mayer.

My mom tries to make me feel bad that Iris sleeps in her own room in the dark. 

Uh…. We have been doing it this way for months! This is what works for us. She does really well with the routine we’ve got going. I’m not changing anything.

robynmayzxo Well, it was just us two so obviously, I couldn’t go in the back with her. And it wasn’t like they whiny cry is was like tears running down her face, snot, and gagging. 

robynmayzxo She has a mirror. I don’t know what the problem is. She’s never like that. She usually cries when I put her in the car seat and while I buckle her in and then she’s fine. But oh my goodness, she was awful today! 

23. April 2014

We dropped Andrea off at the airport then went shopping at the Seattle Outlets or whatever. Bought Iris heaps of clothes at Carter’s. The Forever 21 ‘outlet’ seriously sucked. Got nothing. Went to Ross and got Iris more clothes, the cutest pair of high top teal and pink Adidas, a few pairs of jeans for myself, and things for the house. I am so drained. Iris cried and screamed every time I put her in her car seat until I stopped for gas and she could see me and then again until we got home which wasn’t for a couple hours. On the plus side, I came home to a spotless apartment and a brand new 55 inch flat screen. Yay! 

meekahsmommy what/where is that?

I’m dropping a friend off at the airport tomorrow morning so I’m wondering what to do in Seattle with Iris.

I hate graham crackers that don’t have the cinnamon sugar on them.

kaila-noel the $4k ticket wasn’t for speeding. Well, I guess it kind of was. He was racing. 

kaila-noel I’m talking about my husband. This is the second time it’s happened to him. The first time his ticket went up to four thousand dollars. His license was suspended for the longest time. This time he got a ticket in September and he just paid it this morning which was almost one thousand. I got one speeding ticket once and I didn’t pay it right away so it doubled to $700 so I paid it right before they were going to suspend my license. 

22. April 2014


22. April 2014

Here’s a tip:

If you get a speeding ticket, don’t wait to pay it until it’s tripled the amount and your license and registration is suspended cause it will burn a hole in your wallet.